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What Can I Expect From My Free Consultation?

You can expect to have your hearing checked through an easy and painless hearing assessment. This test will help us provide you with answers to your hearing related questions.

  • Step 1) Meet Your Hearing Care Team

    First you’ll meet with your hearing care team who will be by your side throughout your entire consultation process. Your hearing team will be dedicated to ensuring you reclaim your hearing and get the most out of your hearing aids.



  • Step 2) Receive Your Complimentary Hearing Assessment

    Every patient has a unique lifestyle that requires a unique hearing solution. As part of your free consultation, you will receive a full audiological assessment (including a hearing test) that enables our team of audiologists and hearing instrument specialists to tailor a comprehensive hearing solution designed to fit your life. Making the change to better hearing is a big decision – all our patients are encouraged to bring a spouse, friend, or family member along to their appointments.

    What goes on during a hearing assessment?

    1. Health History – We will go through your hearing health history with you so that we have a full picture of your past and of your current needs.
    2. Otoscopy – We will take a look inside your ear to ensure that they look healthy and are not blocked by wax.
    3. Once we are in the sound room (don’t worry it’s a big room), we will insert head phones into your ears.
    4. Then we will ask you to raise your hand when you hear tiny beeps. This is called a pure tone hearing test.
    5. We will ask you if the headphones are set at a comfortable volume level, then we will ask you to repeat words back to us. This tests your hearing discrimination capabilities.
    6. We hear in two different ways. Through air conduction, which is tested by pure tone testing, and through bone conduction. We test this by placing a device over your mastoid bone (the bone behind your ear) and asking you to listen for beeps again.

    These are the elements of a standard hearing assessment. If further hearing testing is required, we will assess that once we have the results from these initial hearing tests.

    Our hearing test procedure is non-invasive and gives us an in-depth assessment into how well your hearing is working.

  • Step 3) Discuss Your Options

    Your hearing care team will build a comprehensive solution to suit your hearing needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. Our hearing aid professionals have helped over 30,000 people just like you to restore their hearing, and will make a recommendation on which hearing aid is right for you. You will leave your consultation knowing exactly how much your new hearing aids will cost. You will also learn about various funding programs, financing options, and discuss next steps.

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