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What You've Been Missing

Hearing loss generally develops slowly and most people do not realize that they are missing out on the sounds of life. You deserve to hear all that life has to offer. Taking the next step in hearing treatment is part of a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.


There are varying degrees of hearing loss, and each comes with increased difficulty or loss of certain sounds. Missing sounds can make people feel excluded, frustrated and sad. Below are just a few of the sounds you may be missing with hearing loss.

Normal (up to 25dB loss)

Can hear speech well in quiet or comfortable listening situations.

  •  Leaves blowing in the wind
  •  Birds chirping
  •  Water dripping
  •  Whispering

Mild (between 26-40dB loss)

Has difficultly with speech and sounds in noisy or reverberating environments but does well in quiet environments.

  •  Watch ticking
  •  Sounds of “l, ng, m, v, f, th, s”
  •  Fans
  •  Babbling brook

Moderate (41-70dB loss)

Has an issue understanding speech, especially with background noise, and requires higher levels of volume for TV, radio and phone.

  • Sounds of “j, z, g, i, u, b, d, a, o, r, p, ch, sh, h, k”
  • Baby crying
  • Conversational speech
  • Normal office noise

Severe (71-90dB loss)

Regular speech is inaudible, even when loud, and it is difficult to discriminate speech. Comprehension is possible via amplification but still not “normal.”

  •  Piano music
  •  Telephone ringing
  •  Whistling teakettle
  •  Doorbell
  •  Coffee grinder
  •  TV audio
  •  Alarm clock

Profound (91dB or more)

Speech discrimination is difficult even with amplification or is completely inaudible.

  •  Airplanes and helicopters
  •  Firecracker
  •  Squeaky toy held close to ear
  •  Emergency vehicle sirens

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