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What Kind of Problems Could You Encounter

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There are a number of hearing aid problems that can be checked and possibly corrected yourself. If you have a whistling or howling noise, make sure your earmold fits, check for loose tubing or your volume may be turned up too
loud. If you have scratchy sound or the aid cuts on and off, you may have a defective cord, on a body unit, or poor switch contact. You can replace the cord and wiggle the switch back and forth. If you have weak sound, you may have a
weak battery. Replace the battery and check the sound. It may also be a bent, or clogged tube. Also check the earmold and make sure it is inserted properly. If the sound disappears, make sure the device is switched on. Also check the
earmold and clean. The battery may be dead or improperly installed. Replace the battery. While you have the battery out, clean the contacts with a pencil eraser. Don’t forget to check for a blocked tube or earpiece. Clean thoroughly
with a dry clean cloth. The information provided here is general in nature and should not substitute for the care and advice of a licensed health care provider.