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Warning Signs of Possible Hearing Loss

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The signs of hearing loss are often not. immediate. In today’s incredibly loud world, far louder than preindustrial times, we suffer a constant barrage of damaging noise from sources we would think not all that loud. Because of
this, we endure a gradual decline in our ability to hear. With gradual hearing loss the first sounds to go are high frequencies. For instance, birds, women’s and children’s voices may be difficult to hear. Other signs of hearing loss
include difficulty in social gatherings, asking people to repeat themselves or avoiding public gatherings altogether for fear of misunderstanding the conversation. This gradual hearing loss requires a hearing test at least once a
year, after the age of fifty or if any symptoms are noticed. In the case of very loud sounds, such as an amplified concert or a tractor pull, hearing damage may be severe and immediate. If you l-eave a concert hall and are unable to hear anything for more than a few minutes, you may have suffered severe damage. If you suffer ringing in the ears or intermittent hearing, then you likely have suffered damage. The information provided here is general in nature and should not substitute for the care and advice of a licensed health care provider.