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Using Two Hearing Aids for Binaural Hearing

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On September 7, 2016, Posted by , In Hearing Aid Selection,Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids, With Comments Off on Using Two Hearing Aids for Binaural Hearing

Human hearing uses a simple technique to add a three dimensional quality to hearing. With two ears providing sound information, the brain can use the slight differential in the quality of sound in each ear particular to determine where a sound originates. This is known as binaural (bye naw rahl) hearing. It is, in effect, stereo. To keep that natural sound, people who have lost hearing in both ears may want to select a binaural hearing aid system that provides a good balance of sound. And, more importantly two hearing aids can provide more information. The tendency with one hearing aids is to turn up the volume in noisy situations. This only makes garbled sounds louder, not clearer. Two hearing aids mean more information leading to better understanding. The information provided here is general in nature and should. not substitute for the care and advice of a licensed health care provider.