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The Function of a Hearing Aid

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The hearing aid is quite simply an amplification device. It is like traveling the world as part of an ongoing concert with every sound picked up and amplified for your personal pleasure. The microphone picks up sound waves, converts them into electrical signals which are then processed through the amplifier which strengthens the signal. The signal is sent to the receiver which converts the electrical signals back to sound waves focused into your ear. There are a variety of hearing aids available, with some capable of being finely tuned amplifying only a certain range of frequencies which you may not be able to hear. This means the experience is much more natural. A hearing aid is not a cure for deafness or hearing loss. It will not prevent additional hearing loss nor will it cause hearing loss. It can help many people to get back into the mainstream of life. The information provided here is general in nature and should not substitute for the care and advice of a licensed health care provider.