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Allison Boyce, H.I.S., Hearing Instrument Specialist

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“I work to enable people with hearing challenges to live better through better hearing. We provide technologically-advanced hearing devices to ensure our patients can actively engage in life. I provide friendly and supportive care to everyone who chooses to come to Meridian Hearing.


Trained as a Hearing Instrument Specialist…

I completed my extensive training at Conestoga College. I finished my program with a clinical placement where I had the opportunity to practically apply my learning and work with great co-workers and patients.

  • Three years of College
  • Clinical Work Placement
  • Volunteer experience at a local hearing clinic

Live Your Best Life…

I enjoy living a balanced life full of variety and new opportunities, while always finding the time to spend with friends and family.”

  • Concerts with friends while always wearing my hearing protection
  • Family dinner every Sunday
  • Golfing, swimming, and learning how to play the piano

Commitment to My Professional Development…

Every new patient I care for presents a learning opportunity.  I am committed to ongoing learning and continue to build skills and knowledge to help people hear better and to live engaged lives.”

  • Attending seminars and courses
  • Keeping up with new technology
  • Learning from Meridian mentors and patients