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Our Team

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Meridian Hearing exists to serve people with hearing disorders.  Our goal is to optimize human hearing enabling people to communicate effectively and to fully engage in life’s opportunities and relationships.

Our Team

HOME Brian Field Doctor of Audiology / Audiologist

“If you’re missing out on the sounds of the world around you, you’re missing out on life. That’s why

HOME Lisa Noble-Smith Hearing Instrument Specialist

"Each person I meet, I see as an individual with individual hearing needs. Some wish to hear people again, some

HOME Kristy Kerswill Hearing Instrument Specialist

"I'm all about a positive experience for my patients. A positive environment is something that always comes first for me;

HOME Krista Wylie Audiologist

"I am a strong believer in client-centered care. You are the expert of you! I am here to listen

HOME Stephanie Coxon Hearing Instrument Specialist

"I believe that better hearing equals a better quality of life. Too many people isolate themselves from their most supportive

HOME Allison Boyce Hearing Instrument Specialist

"I work to enable people with hearing challenges to live better through better hearing"

HOME Shannon Steadman Communicative Disorders Assistant

“As a Communicative Disorders Assistant, I am able to work in a supporting capacity with registered Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists