June 4, 2020 - Update on COVID-19 - OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Hearing Assessment

Our expert staff will perform an in depth hearing assessment that will take approximately 30 minutes. This assessment will allow us to explain your hearing capabilities to you, recommend solutions that will fit your lifestyle (if required), and set a baseline for future assessments.


Diagnostic Audiology is another way of saying hearing assessment. It is a quick and painless process. Our audiologist will perform 3 or 4 simple tests which may include:

  • Otoscopy, or looking into the ear with a lighted scope (video otoscopy also available if you want to see inside your own ear canal)
  • An audiogram, a sound check that produces a mapping or graphical representation of hearing ability
  • Tympanogram, which measures the pressure of the inner ear and assesses the ear drum’s mobility

To have your hearing assessed, please book an appointment.