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Hearing Aid Repair

We are hearing aid experts. We services all hearing aid brands of any style. It does not matter how old or new they are we are happy to assess the hearing aid and make sure that it is properly set for your hearing loss and lifestyle. If your hearing aids need repairs that cannot be fixed in our clinics we will send them to the manufactures, who we have developed excellent relationships with over thirty years, to be repaired.

hearing aid adjustment

We expect hearing aids to last about 5 years. Hearing aids are very sophisticated electronic devices that work in a very hostile environment all day! Ears are dirty and moist and those two things are very difficult on hearing aids. When a hearing aid breaks down it is usually due to being clogged with wax, or moisture damage. Two things that can help to prevent these types of breakdowns are ensuring the hearing aids are cleaned every night and making use of a dry aid kit. If we can repair the hearing aids in our office we will and they will be back up and running that day. Sometimes hearing aids cannot be repaired at our clinic so they have to be sent to the manufacturer. When a hearing aid is sent to a manufacture for repair we usually expect to have them back in one week.

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