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Hearing Aid Prescription

When our audiologists prescribe hearing aids they work with you to select hearing aids that are unique to your needs. Together, you and your audiologist will consider hearing aids which will be a good match to your lifestyle, be suitable for your specific hearing loss, and be adjustable and fit comfortably.

hearing aid prescription

A Good Match to Your Lifestyle

  • What are the things you do that are most affected by your hearing loss?
  • What are you not doing or not able to do because of your hearing loss?
  • Are there any job considerations that may influence your hearing aid selection? Meetings (competing noise), travel (aid durability / back-up aid), outdoor work, etc.

Suitable for Your Specific Hearing Loss

  • The type of loss and the severity of hearing loss will have a significant impact in determining which hearing aids are recommended. At Meridian Hearing Centre, your audiologist will explain your unique hearing loss and suggest the most suitable models.
hearing level adjustment

Be Adjustable (either manually or automatically) and Fit Comfortably

  • If your hearing aid does not fit well you may experience discomfort, sore spots, and/or feedback.
  • Your lifestyle needs change, your hearing loss changes, and the ability to adjust your hearing aid as needed and over time is key to you adjusting to wearing hearing aids.

At Meridian Hearing, we are committed to helping you select the best hearing aids for your lifestyle and hearing loss. Because when it comes to your precious hearing, we make no promises…ONLY GUARANTEES

  • Crystal Clear Sound Guarantee: You’ll hear your best with our hearing aid fitting, programming, and technology. If within the first 30 days you’re not 100% happy with your aid, we’ll make it right, or refund your money (does not apply to lost or broken aids, exams or testing fees).
  • New Technology Guarantee: If there’s a breakthrough in hearing aid technology, we’ll have it first.
  • Nearly Invisible Aid Guarantee: Our inner canal aids are so small that no one will know you’re wearing them. Judge for yourself.
  • Comfortable Fit Guarantee: Your hearing aid will fit so well that you’ll hardly even know you’re wearing it, or we;ll adjust it, without cost, for one year.
  • Battery Replacement Guarantee: The batteries you purchase from us are fresh and will perform well. If they don’t, we’ll replace them for free.

Hearing Aid Purchases Include…

  • Complimentary batteries for the first year of the hearing aid
  • Excellent financing options for hearing aids
  • Extended trial period – up to 90 days – to guarantee client satisfaction
  • Two year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • One year “lost, stolen or damaged” protection
  • Complimentary Hearing Aid cleaning, inspection, and adjustments for the life of the Hearing Aid

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