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Balance, Dizziness and Vertigo Treatment

Meridian Hearing offers relief to patients suffering from Dizziness and Vertigo symptoms through a variety of treatments depending upon the cause and type of the ailment.

balance and dizziness
balance and dizziness

What Can Cause Balance and Dizziness Problems?

Balance and dizziness problems can come from any area of the complex vestibular system. They can be insidious or due to factors such as trauma (motor vehicle accidents, falls, contact sports blows to the head, infections, medications, a brain related problem, or secondary to other diseases or injuries). Symptoms can include dizziness, imbalance, blurry vision, motion sensitivity, nausea, poor concentration, muscle guarding, restriction of movement, decreased activity levels or social interaction, anxiety, and depression. Balance disorders can also come from the aging process.

brain and ears

Balance and Dizziness

A significant part of our equilibrium comes from the brain receiving and accurately interpreting information from the vestibular system. The vestibular system includes the vestibular labyrinth in the inner ear which senses our head movement / position, the vestibular nerve from the ear to the brain, and the vestibular connections within the brain. Our joints and spine also contribute to our balance because they give us a sense of where we are in space.

what to expect

What Can You Expect During Assessment and Treatment?

Meridian’s vestibular assessment is extensive and includes analysis of eye movements, which provides information about the inner ear and its connection to the brain. There are many other components to the assessment. Treatment can involve a combination of static and dynamic balance retraining, gaze stabilization, training for motion sensitivity, and canalith repositioning maneuvers. The results can be dramatic. The balance retraining component is also effective for clients who don’t necessarily have a vestibular problem, but have orthopaedic or central disorders, proprioceptive problems, or vision changes affecting their equilibrium. Meridian is committed to utilizing the most current, evidence based tests and techniques in its training and treatment programs. The initial assessment will take approximately 1 hour.

vestibular reha

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Vestibular Rehabilitation is a proven research based branch of audiology and physiotherapy where specific individualized techniques are used to maximize the brain’s compensation and adaptation for vestibular pathology or where maneuvers are done, to correct mechanical dysfunctions in the vestibular apparatus. Balance Rehabilitation can also focus on retraining joints and muscles to better respond to the environment, uneven surfaces, and movement around us.

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