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Hearing Services

At Meridian Hearing we pride ourselves on offering a complete range of hearing care services to meet all the needs of our patients. Whether you require evaluation, prevention, or treatment, our medical professionals have the appropriate expertise to help. With Meridian Hearing you can expect to receive the personalized solutions and customized care that you need and deserve!

assistive listening devices

Hearing Assessment

Our expert staff will perform an in depth hearing assessment that will take approximately 30 minutes. This assessment will allow us to explain your hearing capabilities to you, recommend solutions that will fit your lifestyle (if required), and set a baseline for future assessments.

tinnitus relief

Tinnitus Therapy

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy aims to reduce and ultimately eliminate tinnitus perception. It consists of auditory therapy – hearing aids and/or therapeutic noise generators – to provide the brain with maximum environmental sounds to reduce tinnitus perception.

balance and dizziness

Balance, Dizziness and Vertigo Treatment

Meridian Hearing offers relief to patients suffering from Dizziness and Vertigo symptoms through a variety of treatments depending upon the cause and type of the ailment.


industrial hearing testing

Industrial Testing

Meridian Hearing has performed thousands of Industrial Screening Hearing Tests for employers across Southwestern Ontario. We can perform the hearing assessments on-site at your location or at our clinics.

pilot hearing test

Pilots Testing

We can perform required hearing screenings for pilots for all classes of licenses. It’s easy to book an appointment and our hearing evaluation procedures are quick,  accurate, and efficient.

swimming plugs

Swimming Plugs

Meridian Hearing offers customized ear protection for swimming. Our swim plugs provide a tight and custom fit in order to protect sensitive ears from infection or irritation caused by water in the ears.

hearing protection

Hearing Protection

Protecting our hearing is very important. Meridian Hearing will make you custom fit noise plugs. Our goal is to have the noise plugs fit so well that you forget they are there.


musician plugs

Musician Plugs

Meridian Hearing provides ear protection for music listeners and music creators which will allow you to enjoy all the sounds and notes and bass and treble associated with making and listening to all kinds of music without compromising the health of your ears.

assistive listening device

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices are useful tools for people affected by hearing loss to be used around the home. These devices include: phones that ring extra loudly, doorbells that set of a flashing light, alarm clocks which ensure you wake up on time, and more.

hearing aid adjustment

Hearing Aid Repair

We are hearing aid experts. We services all hearing aid brands of any style. It does not matter how old or new they are we are happy to assess the hearing aid and make sure that it is properly set for your hearing loss and lifestyle.

ear wax removal

Ear Wax Removal

Our Audiologist have done thousands of wax removals for people just like you. Everyone produces different amounts, and types of hearing wax. Some people need it removed monthly others will never need for it to be professionally removed.

hearing aid prescription

Hearing Aid Prescription

When our audiologists prescribe hearing aids they work with you to select hearing aids that are unique to your needs. Together, you and your audiologist will consider hearing aids which will be a good match to your lifestyle, be suitable for your specific hearing loss, and be adjustable and fit comfortably.

Meridian Hearing’s goal is to provide complete hearing care to all of our patients, for any type of hearing care need, please book a complementary consultation.