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Hearing Aid Selection – 4 Types of Hearing Aids

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There are four basic types of hearing aids. The first is the in-the-ear type which fits partially into the ear canal. These hearing aids have no external wires and are tight in weight. For mild to moderate losses they are quite adequate. The behind the ear model is the classic hearing aid. The electronics are contained in a package that rests behind the ear. An earmold, connected. by a plastic tube, delivers the sound. These are suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. The eyeglass hearing aid model uses the frame of a pair of glasses to contain the electronics. Bone conduction hearing aids are also available in the eyeglass style. The body hearing aid uses a larger case which is worn on the belt or in the pocket. This type is much more powerful and is useful for people with severe to profound hearing loss. The information provided here is general in nature and should not substitute for the care and advice of a licensed health care provider.