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Hearing Aid Motivation

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On November 30, 2016, Posted by , In Hearing Aids, With Comments Off on Hearing Aid Motivation

I see a lot of hearing impaired people in a day and I spend a lot of time working with patients to ensure they are getting the most out of their hearing aids. One thing that I have discovered is that patients who do extremely well with their instruments are the patients who came to me knowing they have a hearing loss and are determined to do something about it. When patients have other factors motivating them to buy hearing aids, they typically don’t do as well.  An example of this would be if someone decided to buy hearing aids because their kids were pushing them to, not because they wanted them for themselves.

It is important to remember that dissatisfaction with hearing aids can often be associated with personal issues of motivation. If you don’t feel very motivated to use hearing aids, it’s more likely that you will feel disappointed with how they are functioning.  Your family probably means well in encouraging you to pursue amplification. Their support is a critical aspect in ensuring you get the most out of your hearing aids; however, if you are only getting help to appease your friends and family, chances are you won’t be very successful. For example, people who are very motivated to treat their hearing loss are excited to hear their car blinker and the ice clinking in their glass, while people who are unenthusiastic about wearing hearing aids find those sounds irritating and annoying. You have to accept that you need and want help before you can fully benefit from your hearing aids.

Expectations are up to you, but hopefully you can work with your hearing health care professional to set realistic ones. No one can help you until you are ready to take advantage of the many benefits of using hearing aids. Once YOU have made the decision to seek amplification, the staff at Meridian Hearing would be happy to help!