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How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

Much more than just advanced hearing technology—hearing aids are a true life changer. Hearing aids are an investment that can recharge your self-esteem, reconnect you with friends and family, and improve your overall health and happiness.

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A hearing aid can cost anywhere between $500 to $4,000 depending on the level of technology and type of hearing aid. When there is such a large range in pricing how do you decide where the best value is for you? Counseling people just like you to understand which hearing aid is best for them is what Meridian Hearing does best! The Ontario Government provides $500 per hearing aid every 5 years. There are also many other hearing aid funding programs.


Factors that affect hearing aid prices include:


Your Degree and Type of Hearing Loss

Your degree and type hearing loss will effect which style of hearing aid is best suited to help you get back to normal hearing and enjoying the sounds of your everyday life that you are missing.


Your Life Style

If you are active in business, social groups or physical activities you will need a hearing aid that can keep up with you. This may require a higher level of hearing technology.

When you are shopping around for hearing aids remember that the goal is BETTER HEARING. Our mission is to ensure your hearing is as good as it can possibly be. Once you make the first step towards BETTER HEARING by trusting the Meridian team, you’ll have begun a relationship that we hope will last for a lifetime.

Hearing aids cost a lot of money. We understand that and our job is to use our experience and expertise to help you make the right investment in BETTER HEARING and to protect that investment by making any changes needed to get you back to hearing the wonderful sounds of life that you have been missing.

Adjustments, Cleanings,
and Education Sessions

free warranty

Hearing aids need to be adjusted as your hearing changes and as you find new social activities where your hearing environment is different. One of our commitments to you is to continue to ensure your BETTER HEARING for the life of your hearing aids. At Meridian, there is no cost for adjustments, cleanings or education sessions – even if you’re have hearing aids from another provider. We can often see you the same day you call us!

Hearing Aid
Life Expectancy

5 year hearing aid life

Most hearing aids last about 5 years. That means that you should expect to invest in new hearing aids about every five years. Hearing aids include a 2-3 year warranty that covers them for any repairs that need to be made. After your warranty period ends, sending the hearing aids in for repair to the manufacture costs around $350 – depending on the manufacturer and type of hearing aid. When the hearing aid is returned, it includes a new one year warranty.

Hearing Aid

zinc air hearing aid batteries

Another ongoing cost of hearing aids is the hearing aid batteries which power them. For more information on hearing aid batteries, please visit our page on hearing aid batteries.

There are many hearing aid funding programs available, and several financing options – please book an appointment for more information.