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Hearing Aid Accessories

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We provide a full range of hearing aid accessories including the highest quality batteries, drying devices and cleaning and care tools.

Dry Aid Kits
Moisture is the enemy of all hearing aids. Dampness, humidity and body moisture reduce their sensitivity, shorten battery life and cause corrosion. Where moisture conditions are excessive, the sensitive microphone and receiver may even become inoperable.

Battery Testers
Able to check all types of hearing aid button cells.  Testers indicate if the battery is good or bad.  Offered in many convenient sizes with or without replacement battery compartments.

Hearing Aid Cleaning Tools

Wax Remover Tool
A thin wire loop pulls out wax which accumulates in the receiver opening of the hearing aid. Wax removal tools come with and without a magnet (located on the handle).  The magnet, is used for removing and installing batteries in all types of ITE, BTE and CIC hearing instruments and can be helpful for patients with dexterity problems.

Mini Brush
A small all-purpose brush for removing foreign matter in and around the microphone opening

Vent Pick
A very thin stick like tool (or brush) used to remove wax and other debris from hearing aid vents.