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Establishing a Night Time Routine

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When you receive your hearing aid you will be given a cleaning tool kit which includes a brush, wire pick, (or combination tool) and in some cases a vent cleaning stick.   When used daily these tools will help keep your hearing aid clean and clear of debris and working more efficiently.

It’s best to establish a daily, regular time for cleaning your hearing aid – most people find it helpful to incorporate cleaning into their night time routine before bed.

When you remove the hearing aids at night:

  1. Carefully wipe them down with a dry soft cloth or tissue.
  2. Look closely at the portion of the hearing aid that fits down into the ear canal. If you see earwax accumulating at the end of the aid, you will need to remove this.
  3. Turn your hearing aid so the ear canal portion points downward to the dry soft cloth or tissue.
  4. Using the brush provided for you, carefully brush around and in the plastic tubing to clear out the wax.
  5. After using the brush if you see dried or hard ear wax you may need to use the wire pick.  This should be done carefully as the wire pick may force the wax deeper into the channel which will affect the sound of the hearing aid.
  6. The wire pick should be used like a spoon in side scooping motion to clear ear wax from the plastic tube.  Do not push the wire pick straight into the plastic tube.  Repeat the scooping motion and re-brush until you no longer see any wax.
  7. Finally, open the battery door and place the hearing aids in their case. Many hearing aids have an independent on/off switch. It is still advisable to open the battery door to allow air to enter the hearing aid and assist in reducing the effects of moisture that may accumulate when the aids are in the ear canal. It also helps prolong battery life.