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Good hearing is essential to everyone, regardless of age.  Hearing problems in children can cause serious problems with language development.  In adults, a hearing loss can restrict the enjoyment of the sounds of life and isolate an individual from the people close to them.

If you suspect that you or a loved one is having trouble hearing, you should seek help.  There are about 250 highly trained Audiologists practicing in Ontario today.  All hold a Masters or Doctoral Degree from an accredited University program and have passed rigorous tests with the Provincial Audiologist licensing board.

The role of an audiologist in today’s health care system is three fold.

Audiologists design and conduct hearing conservation programs for industries and individuals.  Noise damage is the largest preventable cause of hearing loss.

Your audiologist will conduct a thorough examination of your hearing to determine if any hearing loss is present, if so, what the cause is and how it is best treated.

If the audiologist determines that significant hearing loss is present which is not surgically or medially treatable, he or she will develop a plan with you to provide the best hearing possible.  This may include prescription and dispensing of hearing aids, speech reading skills, listening strategies, and use of assistive listening devices.  If medical or surgical intervention is required the Audiologist will refer you to your family physician or an ear specialist with a diagnostic report.

Audiologists work both in hospitals and private clinics.  Many audiologists also dispense hearing aids which they prescribe. The benefit of this delivery model for the consumer is that it allows the convenience of one stop services and the confidence that you are working with a trained professional in hearing aid prescriptive and fitting techniques.

Hearing aid technology is racing ahead.  Products which seemed decades away only two years ago are now on the market.  The new computer based devices provide clearer, quieter, more natural production than ever before.  These devices demand the high level technical expertise of your Audiologist so that you can enjoy the simple natural sounds of life.  If you have ever been told a hearing aid won’t help you now is the time to check again.  Call an audiologist today to see how we can help you.