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Our Mission

Meridian Hearing exists to serve people with hearing disorders.  Our goal is to optimize human hearing enabling people to communicate effectively and to fully engage in life’s opportunities and relationships.  State-of-the-art science and technology is used by highly qualified professionals.

We form an important link in the health care system by providing services in local communities in order to achieve easy access for our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the organization of choice for people seeking help for their hearing disorders.  We will do this by providing patient focused care.  We will excel in satisfying patient service expectations and clinical needs.  This will occur in an environment where staff promote quality through a continuous quest for learning and innovation.

Respect for Patients Values, Preferences and Expressed Needs

Focus group patients have described a sense of anonymity and loss of identity in the health care experience and a strong need to be recognized and treated with dignity and respect as individuals.  They also worry about how their disorder/disease  or treatment might affect their lives, and they want to be both informed and involved in the medical/clinical decisions that might affect their lives.

In order to respect patient’s individuality and ensure his/her autonomy, Meridian Hearing staff pay attention to the following things:

  • Quality of Life- What impacts the disorder or treatment has on the patients’ quality of life or subjective sense of well-being? How is this mediated by life-style, cultural values, or religious beliefs? How can health care help the patient achieve his/her short-term and long-term goals?  What are the limitations of treatment?
  • Involvement in Decision Making- What level of involvement does the patient want in decision-making?  How does this vary over the course of the treatment, or with the degree of the disorder?
  • Dignity- Are the patient’s physical and emotional needs for privacy and individual expression respected?  We will treat all patients with dignity, respect and sensitivity to their cultural values. We will treat all patients with kindness and respect.